What a great launch day we all had, – the music was playing, cocktails were shaking, the hog was
roasted and the Nerabus Gin was flowing. The sun was shining brightly and we had a full house at
the Bruichladdich Village Hall. We wish to thank everyone who volunteered to help us on the day
and made the launch a true day to remember. A special thanks also to Alan and his 4 x 4 that took
our Nerabus Islay Gin down to the Bruichladdich Hall – not a single drop was spilt.

People have different taste palates but you either have a sweet tooth or not. If you have a sweet
tooth, our Nerabus Islay Gin is best served with Fever Tree Aromatic, and if you don’t have a sweet
palate then it is really nice with light tonic (a good one) with 2 drops of Angostura Bitters. Both
options with a slice of lime (not squeezed) and a large block of ice (not lots of crushed ice as it
dilutes the flavours).

Now where can you purchase our delicious Nerabus Islay Gin? On Islay, please see our web map.
Most of the Islay stores (apart from the Co-op) stock it and we are nearly there with most of the
pubs and hotels. On the mainland, we are stocked in the Whisky West Coast store, Harbour St,
Tarbert Loch Fyne. In addition we have an online partner www.distillersmarket.com where you can
purchase your bottle of Nerabus Islay Gin and it will be carefully dispatched to you by our mainland

The next few weeks will be busy for us as we are scaling up production and it is time to harvest the
local Islay heather which is starting to bloom. A bumper crop of heather is expected this year due to
the very wet Spring and the hot Summer weather.
Enjoy our Nerabus Islay Gin and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback positive or
negative – we want to provide only the very best for our customers.

All the very best,