Islay Gin Ltd launches its first Gin – Nerabus at the festival of music, malt and gin on the 28th May 2018 at Bruichladdich Hall 1-4pm. There will be gin tasting, music, cocktails and food and it’s progressing nicely to be a great afternoon.

The first batch of 500 bottles is bottled and ready to be delivered down to the Bruichladdich Hall on Monday 28th May. We have enlisted the help of people with 4 x 4 vehicles to help us take the bottles from Nerabus to Bruichladdich (we will take pictures!). If you want to reserve a ticket for the event please email us at

We are only at the beginning of our Hebridean Gin Adventure so we are not yet ready to progress to online sales and we are currently investigating how to best to make this happen. We are not open to the public.

If you miss the launch event, we will be providing the local Spar shops and hotels and pubs on Islay with a bottle or two. From 29 May, you will be able to taste the Nerabus gin on Islay at a few local establishments and be able to purchase a bottle in a few local shops.

We hope you all enjoy our gin!